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MSLA 2013 Conference: Initial Impressions

The MSLA Conference is timed well. We are entering the late winter doldrums, and the conference is the jolt we need to energize our practice. I am riding the conference high right now, bursting with plans for tomorrow, next term, next year.

Here are my highlights from my conference experience (in no particular order):

  • Discovering http://www.digitalvaults.org
  • Exchanging ideas at the Job-Alike session – I wish it had been on Monday so more people could join the discussion.
  • Being reminded of the powerful impact that independent, sustained, silent reading during the school day can have on students’ reading growth. I witnessed it when I was an English teacher doing reading workshop, but have not tried it in the context described by presenters Rochelle Garfinkel and Chris Leonard.
  • Learning about so many new tools: Haiku Deck, Feedly, Figment.com, edModo, Catalist.
  • Hearing ┬áBarbara Stripling speak. She was inspiring, genuine, and relatable.
  • And, of course, having time to connect with other librarians — friends and strangers — in myriad ways.

If I can find the time, I’ll do another post that delves into more detail about sessions and reflections. If not, know that the conference is worthy of time away from work and family. And I hope the jolt lasts for many weeks.



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