Thank you for reading The Cazzy Files! I am Kelly, aka CazzyLibrarian.

I love sharing and chatting about books. A majority of my posts will be book reviews. A sprinkling of posts on other topics are also included.

By night (and afternoons & weekends), I am Momma to my two girls: my three-year-old preschooler Z, and my 2-month-old infant V. By day, I work in a suburban public school as a middle school librarian. My favorite part of my job is readers’ advisory. Here at The Cazzy Files, I include a section called “Related reads” after each review. I identify very specific or narrow characteristics that I see in the book and suggest other titles which contain that same characteristic. I attempt to limit the number to three or less per characteristic, but it’s not always easy! I also consider the context of the original book when creating each list.

If you have a question, write me an email! My address is kjcmetzger@gmail.com.